The Inclusive Student Pipeline: Supporting Student Success into and through HE

  • Group of five students looking at camera and smiling

The EGI is undertaking a study funded by LiNCHigher as part of the Office for Students UniConnect initiative to support schools and students across Lincolnshire. The purpose of this research is to support students to achieve success in their transitions into and through Higher Education (HE). The aim of the research is to improve school and university understanding of students' experiences in transitioning and insights into if and where barriers exist, in particular for students with minoritised identities and how these barriers could be addressed. This questionnaire is open to all students and recent graduates but we are especially keen to hear insights from students from one or more of the seven pre-identified groups (BAME, Gypsy Roma Traveller, disabled students, students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, students from Armed Forces families, young carers and care leavers).

  • For more details and how to get involved, please see the Participant Information Sheet in the downloads section.