Senior Leadership Team EDI Champions

  • Student from multicultural backgrounds talking with a white man. Outside. Sunny. Happy

Professor Neal Juster

Vice Chancellor


“As a university, we are committed to transforming lives and communities, and attracting diverse talent from across the globe.

To meet this ambition, it is important that we embrace difference and create an inclusive environment in which all our staff and students can thrive, in which everyone feels valued, in which everyone feels they belong.

Informed by research, and led by our EDI specialists, the Eleanor Glanville Institute, we will embrace and embed new inclusive practices, evaluate our systems and processes, and measure our progress towards a truly inclusive university. We will continue to create safe spaces for discussion, spaces where we challenge each other, spaces where we ‘disagree well’, and staff- and student-led spaces where all voices are heard and where lived experiences inform our actions.

Above all, we will continue to embrace diversity and do our best to create an inclusive culture where we can all be our best selves.”


Supporting the University's strategy towards an inclusive university, and ensuring we have the mechanisms in place to make change, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), led by the Vice Chancellor, has established a number of SLT EDI Champions.

The role of the Champions is to make sure that underrepresented groups do not remain invisible when strategic (or other) decisions are being made, and to support the wider EDI work across the University: