Science leadership for women

  • Meredith Nash

Dr Meredith Nash’s research is currently focussing on science leadership for women through the lens of Homeward Bound, a 21 day transformational leadership program for 76 women in STEMM fields in Antarctica, launched in December 2016. This project will form the basis of Meredith's research, whilst visiting Lincoln as the first Glanville Visiting Scholar in Autumn 2017

Photo credits: Dr Meredith Nash

Meredith is following 25 of the 76 women who took part in the inaugural voyage as part of a longitudinal study. The study uses an intersectional analysis framework to examine how categories of identity interact with the contexts and backgrounds of participants to shape and influence their experiences of Homeward Bound.

Meredith is examining how these women conceptualise ‘successful’ leadership, the extent to which the adventure-based experiential course design facilitates their leadership development, how they exercise leadership over time, and how women make meaning of their Homeward Bound experiences and transfer their learning from the programme to other women post-voyage.

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