iCAN - Living with Cancer

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iCAN is a support group for staff who have been impacted by cancer - staff with cancer, those caring for someone with cancer, or those who have in any way been touched by the disease. The group offers a safe and supportive environment for staff to talk about their cancer experiences, to make connections, and gain peer support regarding all short-term, long-term or future aspects of managing cancer, cancer in the workplace, and the challenges of navigating the new normal.

The group welcomes all individuals who work at the University, and whose lives have been impacted by cancer; from the newly diagnosed, to those who have been through treatment and are now in remission, or who have been given the all clear.

Staff will be given the opportunity to discuss concerns such as role changes, financial worries, and how to support a person with cancer. The group will also co-ordinate and share information, guidance, and local events of interest.

If you are interested in joining the group, please get in touch with Nicky.

Dr Nicole Fielding, Equalities Project Manager, Eleanor Glanville Centre

Dr Nicole Fielding

Equalities Project Manager, Eleanor Glanville Centre

01522 836834

Nicole has been at the University since 2007, initially as a postgraduate student, and then joining the University as a member of staff in 2012. In the Eleanor Glanville Centre, she is responsible for managing many of the equality initiatives run through the Centre. With a PhD in heritage science, Nicole was a co-founder of the Newton Academy – the Science Club for Girls, and is a keen advocate of promoting early science engagement through hands-on activities that are both challenging and fun. Staff profile

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