International Staff Network

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The International Staff Network is open to all members of our non-British community. It provides an opportunity to connect, socialise, support one another, and discuss the challenges of being international in Lincoln

If you would like to find out more, or join the International Staff Network, please contact us.

Dr Kirsten McKenzie, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology

Dr Kirsten McKenzie

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology

Kirsten is a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Lincoln. Her research focusses mainly on body representation; from the cognitive effects of bodily illusions on the experience pain, through to the effects that visual representation of bodies (or a lack thereof) has on body image, inclusivity and social engagement with places and spaces. She is particularly interested in the processes underlying body representation, body image and spatial awareness in individuals across the gender spectrum, and the cognitive and perceptual processes leading to somatic misperception and pain in under-represented groups. She uses a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques.

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