The Saturday Club

The Saturday Club, launched in 2014, is a series of Saturday morning science- and technology-themed workshops consisting of hands-on activities and projects to inspire and enthuse the next generation of female scientists and engineers.

The Big Launch!

The very beginning - what a fantastic day!

The first 50 girls registered for the Academy… and 50 girls had a load of fun on our opening event! Staff and students from the School of Computer Science did a really brilliant job of putting together some great team challenges – build a robot – learn to drive it – do some really clever stuff – then programme the robot to be clever all by itself!

Ten teams battled for the winning place, showing off driving skills that could only have come from years of practice (well… maybe not!). But sadly, there could only be one winner… only one team for the prize… and what a prize – the utterly amazing RASPBERRY PIs

The competition was tough – it was fierce – it was very, very close…

Team Epic Rex were victorious! 


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