Workshops 2016-17

  • girl making a knotted bracelet

The Saturday Club Workshops in 2016-17 were hosted by the School of Chemistry, the School of Sport and Exercise Science, the School of Health and Social Care, and the School of Mathematics and Physics

NCIS Lincoln

The Mona Lisa is missing!

With over 100 girls now enrolled in the Academy (3 cohorts), our NCIS:Lincoln workshop, hosted by the School of Chemistry, tested the crime-busting, puzzle-solving skills of our Newton girls...

Whilst on loan to the National Gallery in London, the Mona Lisa was reported missing. At 11pm on Friday 8 July 2016, the Duty Security Guard at the gallery noticed the Mona Lisa was gone. A lone Pepsi Max can sat on the floor beneath the place where the masterpiece usually hung. On top of the can, there were a few strands of hair… Although a broken window was found on the ground floor of the gallery, the Police suspected an ‘inside job’. According to the staff rota, only three staff were scheduled to be in the building after the gallery closed its doors on Friday night: Derrick Dief, the Duty Security Guard; Mary Mencuri, the Cleaner; and Violet Varas, the Assistant Curator. So whodunit?

In Lincoln, a rucksack is found unattended on the 06:15 train from London King’s Cross. Lincoln’s famous Newton Criminal Investigative Service – a specialist crime-busting organisation – has been brought in to investigate…

Spectacular Sports Science

Ready… Steady… GO!
The autumn session of the Newton Academy explored many aspects of sport and exercise science, delivering an introduction to sports physiology and the demands of sporting performance, sports psychology, biomechanics (the analysis of the mechanics of human movement) and sports nutrition. 

The workshop was designed and hosted by Gemma Best, lecturer and programme leader in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, along with some of her students. The workshop was delivered using cutting-edge facilities at the University’s state-of-the-art Human Performance Centre. Biomechanics: the girls studied body movement by filming themselves performing physical activities, such as jumping and shooting hoops, and watching the replays in slow motion. They also learned about the roles that sport, physical activity and diet can play in improving health and wellbeing.



What makes our tickers tick? What makes them tick even faster?

The Newton girls got their blood pumping at our Circuit-ulation workshop, hosted by the School of Health and Social Care. They recreated a human circulatory system the size of a classroom, and discovered how much harder it has to work when arteries narrow, blood vessels are cut, and heart problems and asthma restrict normal, healthy blood flow. The girls also learned all about blood composition, blood types (even though blood is blood, it can’t just be mixed!), the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular disease.


All Tangled Up!

The School of Mathematics and Physics hosted our final session of the 2016-17 programme, with a workshop presented by Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram and PhD researcher Valentina Iusa, along with students from the School.
The activities were designed to introduce group theory (a branch of algebra), the basics of knot theory and the symmetries of knots. The mathematics behind rational tangles and the rational tangle dance were also explored.

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