Workshops 2017-18

  • young girls building a robot

The Saturday Club Workshops in 2017-18 were hosted by the School of Computer Science, the School of Health and Social Care, and the School of Pharmacy

Rockin' Robots

Rockin' Robots was hosted by the School of Computer Science. The Newton girls built robots and programmed them to perform various stunts, and navigate their way though obstacle  courses using code and controllers. They also talked the ‘Now’ robot into performing Tai Chi, tested their perceptions using virtual reality, and piloted a drone…



Cerebellums, hippocampuses and medullas…

Our Autumn Brainiacs session, hosted by the School of Health and Social Care, saw the girls getting brainy about brains. They explored their perceptions with optical illusions, tested their reflexes with hammers, and discovered what it meant to be left- or right-brained. They ‘squashed’ their stress levels and nibbled on (jelly) neurons.The girls finished the day with the ‘brain game’ – a simple group activity to explore the complexities of neurotransmission.


Banishing bugs

Banishing Bugs was hosted by the School of Pharmacy. The girls learned how to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections, and under a microscope examined what bacteria are present in our mouths and how they move! They also looked how infections spread, how immunity is built up, the importance of vaccinations, the re-emergence of dormant diseases and what happens when we become resistant to antibiotics – spoiler alert – it’s not pretty!


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