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Bringing together the key stakeholders in EDI from across the University, the Joint EDI (JEDI) Partnership has been established to create Lincoln's new 'space' for transformational and progressive EDI. The JEDI team brings together leading EDI researchers within the EGC, EDI experts in HR, the Organisational Development team, the Students' Union, Student Services, the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy and the Communications, Development & Marketing team. Its role is to rethink EDI at Lincoln – to work together…differently – building, driving and implementing the University's EDI agenda towards changing culture and establishing a truly inclusive university

Joint EDI (JEDI) partnership

Jointly led by Belinda Colston and Ben Anim, JEDI provides a space where transformational and progressive EDI strategy is developed. It is a central resource for staff and students across the University − increasing awareness and visibility of discrimination, making known our equality initiatives, giving insight to our progress against strategic equality aims & objectives, developing new research-informed strategies and initiatives, and celebrating the successes of all our staff. 

JEDI works collaboratively with staff and student networks to develop and deliver the EDI agenda across the University, bringing a wealth of lived experiences to the creation of policies and initiatives that support the drive for an inclusive and diverse community.  

JEDI reports to the University's Inclusion Committee.

The Team

Ben Anim, Director of Inclusive Practice

Ben Anim

Director of Inclusive Practice

Ben joined the University in 2020 as Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Human Resources Department. In 2022 he became the Director of Inclusive Practice in the new Eleanor Glanville Institute. He has over 15 years’ experience as a HR and EDI practitioner within the construction, finance and HE sectors.

Ben’s work has focused on developing tools and strategies to help organisations best support their employees and provide solutions to complex equality, diversity and inclusion challenges. His passion in equalities, combined with practical knowledge of human relations, has been central to the successful delivery of EDI initiatives.

Ben's interests lie in race/ethnic relations and how they are addressed in developing inclusive organisations. Staff profile

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Tracey Laing, Organisational Development Manager

Tracey Laing

Organisational Development Manager

Tracey has worked at the University since 2008, and manages the Organisational Development (OD) Team within the HR department.  The OD team are responsible for supporting staff in the development of their skills, behaviours and knowledge through a wide variety of tools and methods. At the same time, Tracey works with senior managers to deliver improvement and innovation at an organisational level.

Tracey is the Aurora champion for the University and has a strong interest in EDI, particularly within a training context. Tracey also specialises in leadership and management training delivery. Staff profile

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Jacqueline Mayer, Head of Student Services

Jacqueline Mayer

Head of Student Services

Jacqueline started working at the University in 1997 as the first Education Liaison Officer at the Lincoln campus, working with Schools and Colleges to recruit students to courses and engage with parents and teachers. She also ran the University open days and recruitment events for a number of years before moving on to become the International Recruitment Manager, representing the University overseas at recruitment events in China, India and South East Asia. Following this, she set up the University's first English Language Centre which combined her recruitment experience with her previous TEFL teaching and developed a new pre-sessional English programme for international students.

In 2014 Jacqueline took on the role of Head of Student Services and oversees support teams across the University including the Student Wellbeing, Student Support, English Language and Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. Jacqueline is keen on ensuring that the student experience is key to their success and works with other departments and Colleges on promoting the wellbeing of students from all backgrounds. Staff profile

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Subash Chellaiah, Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Coordinator

Subash Chellaiah

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Coordinator

Subash joined the University of Lincoln in 2012 as the Ecumenical Chaplain. Born in South India, in a small town in the Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, Subash studied for two theological degrees at seminary. He has a BA in history, MA in Sociology, and PGD in Gender Equality. Subash studied interfaith relations and reconciliation at the Henry Martyn Institute (HMI), Hyderabad, India, and was present during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

A break from his studies saw him overseeing HMI’s rehabilitation work on the coast of Tamil Nadu, co-organising women self-help groups across the coastal area in Nagaptinam, and working with partners in Trichy to lead a trauma counselling team. He worked with children and all age groups affected by the tsunami – bringing together local communities, breaking down caste barriers, and helping all ages cope with the disaster. He worked with fishermen to reclaim their livelihood and farmers to reclaim their farm land.

Subash was also part of reconciliation work in North-East India and Northern Sri Lanka – working for peace in very troubled regions to prevent full-blown war – and, with a close friend, established the Institute for Rural Community Service (IRCS), setting up the Little Elephant School (Keeranur, Trichy) in 2012. Now based in the UK, Subash founded the Centre for Reconciliation in Lincoln, an inter-faith organisation that aims to replace religious and cultural fears and hatreds with understanding and respect. The Centre was launched at the University of Lincoln on the International Day of Peace, 21 September 2019.

Subash was awarded the Rotary International Peace Award 2019 in recognition of his two decades of humanitarian community work, and establishing schools in rural India. Staff profile

Laura Jones, Head of Content, Communications Development & Marketing

Laura Jones

Head of Content, Communications Development & Marketing

Laura joined the University in 2016, working across several teams within the Communications, Development, and Marketing Department. She now manages the Content team, who are responsible for producing printed and digital content and literature, managing the corporate website, and delivering multimedia advertising campaigns to raise the profile of the University. Staff profile

Dr Nicole Fielding, Equalities Project Manager

Dr Nicole Fielding

Equalities Project Manager

Nicole has been at the University since 2007, initially as a postgraduate student, and then joining the University as a member of staff in 2012. She is responsible for managing many of the equality initiatives run through the Centre, including coordinating our Athena Swan activities, and developing a series of EDI-related microcredentials. With a PhD in heritage science, Nicole is a co-founder of the Newton Academy – the Science Club for Girls, and is a keen advocate of promoting early science engagement through hands-on activities that are both challenging and fun. 

Pronouns: She/Her

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Bailey Marchant, Vice President Campaigns and Environment, Students' Union

Bailey Marchant

Vice President Campaigns and Environment, Students' Union

Bailey is the lead Sabbatical Officer to the Students’ Union’s Campaigns Network, whose aim is to tackle topical issues, raise awareness, and gather student feedback in order to make the campus accessible and inclusive to all. Students' Union

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Amina Akugri, Vice President International, Students' Union

Amina Akugri

Vice President International, Students' Union

Amina is the lead Students' Union Sabbatical Officer for the engagement, support and representation of international (including EU) students, and their integration into the overall student experience at the University of Lincoln. Students' Union

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Rebecca Sanderson, EDI Research Assistant

Rebecca Sanderson

EDI Research Assistant

Rebecca works within the Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute (LHERI) as an institutional researcher and evaluator for the University of Lincoln Access and Participation Plan. She also supports the Human Resources Department Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team through research and evaluation of institutional initiatives. Rebecca's research interests include widening participation in higher education, social justice in education, student engagement and student mental health. 

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Leila Lamoureux, Equalities Portfolio Manager

Leila Lamoureux

Equalities Portfolio Manager

01522 835437

Leila oversees the planning, development, and implementation of the portfolio of equalities-related projects within the Centre. She coordinates and manages the consultancy and contract research within the Centre. She is an experienced focus group facilitator, and leads the EGC’s focus group programme, accessing the voice of minority groups across the University. Her evidence-based research informs the development of EDI initiatives, policies and practices.

She undertakes equality audits on marketing and recruitment materials and outreach activities across the institution. Leila has written equality impact assessments for decision-making policies and practices within the Research Excellence Framework (REF2021). She has implemented the inclusive recruitment system for PhD students across the University, analysing equality data to mitigate against bias in policy and practices. She manages awareness campaigns, fostering a sense of belonging for staff and student and has established staff support networks across the institution.

Pronouns: She/Her

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