STRIDE EDI Standards

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Strategic & Transformational Recognition of Inclusion, Diversity & Equality

— Shaping the Business of EDI —

Are you an inclusive employer?
Do you strive for a fully inclusive working environment?
Is your business strategy inclusive?

The STRIDE EDI standards provides a framework of agreed strategies of practical actions that an organisation can undertake to improve equality, diversity and inclusion across the UK.

They provide an opportunity for organisations to evidence progress towards being more inclusive, more diverse, and operating in a way that ensures all employees are treated fairly and with respect. 

Is your client base limited by lack of diversity?
Is your product design excluding potential customers?
Are your services accessible to all?

The STRIDE EDI Standards will empower you to shape your business model through an inclusion lens, define more inclusive company values, and build a stronger employer brand

We invite you to work with us to co-create a set of contemporary EDI Standards

Your input will ensure the STRIDE EDI Standards meet the needs of the business sector and be attainable by all – SMEs, businesses, organisations, charities and government.

Join us at the STRIDE Co-creation Sandpit to develop the new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Standards for the UK business sector

  • Date: 20 April 2023
  • Time: 10:00−16:00
  • Venue: Hilton Doubletree, Lincoln
  • Places available: 100
  • Register your intention to attend: Here​

This is an exciting opportunity, to create a tangible and tailor-made accreditation in EDI to drive transformational culture change across sectors.


Come STRIDE with us!

The Eleanor Glanville Institute is a leading EDI institute specialising in research-informed transformational change. Our sector-leading approach to contemporary EDI is founded on the need to ask questions, to challenge, to seek solutions, to look for evidence of change, and to measure impact. Our research-informed approach to EDI transforms policy and EDI practice across businesses, organisations and government, leading to greater productivity, creativity, and positive social impact.

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