EDI Forum

  • A large number of people in a conference room. Depicting a group of staff working closely together. Collaboration

The University EDI Forum is a central forum that brings together all of the School and Department EDI Self-Evaluation Teams (EDISET Chairs), College Champions, staff support groups and central support (HR). The group meets on a monthly basis to discuss EDI issues, progress against equality charter action plans, and to share best practice.

The Annual Lincoln Inclusion & Diversity Conference

As part of the University's ongoing EDI self-evaluation processes, the annual Lincoln Inclusion & Diversity Conference (LID) brings together staff across the University to highlight initiatives, celebrate successes, share best practice, and critically evaluate the University's progress against its EDI ambitions.

The conference focusses on three key projects:

  • A group discussion. A woman is making a point, using her hands to emphasise the words. The other members of the group (some out of shot) are listening intently. Shows engagement in the discussion
  • Three people sitting around a table drinking coffee and deep in discussion. Showing engagement with each other
  • A studious-looking man sat at a table writing. Deep in thought. Depicting engagement with the workshop activity