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Trans Awareness in Higher Education sessions with Dr Kit Heyam

The EDI CoASSH Committee, in collaboration and funded by the Eleanor Glanville Institute, recently hosted two Trans Awareness in Higher Education sessions presented by Dr Kit Heyam.

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Pride flag - rainbow colours
10 Feb  | Guest Blog

What LGBT+ History means to me

"In the past, I was interested in LGBT+ history, and I considered myself to be an ally, but I was not particularly active. Now, I am much more aware of the issues and my own privilege as a white, cis*, middle-class, heterosexual woman"

Pride flag - rainbow colours
10 Feb  | Guest Blog

Reflecting on the impact LGBT+ History Month

Hayley Parker, Equalities Manager, reflects on the impact of LGBT+ History Month. "When I was growing up, I didn’t really hear or understand the word gay or lesbian, and I definitely never knew what bisexual or trans meant!"

pride flag - rainbow colours
10 Feb  | Guest Blog

Why is LGBT+ History Month important? A personal perspective

Professor Duncan French, PVC and LGBT+ SLT Champion, shares his personal thoughts on LGBT History Month and reflects on where we’ve come from and what still needs to change... "The gay and trans community have much to celebrate, but we also have much to fight for and advocate against”

Rainbow flag for LGBT communities
02 Feb  | Diversity & Inclusion

Politics in Art: ‘the Arc is Long’

LGBT+ History Month is every February. Its mission is to promote equality and diversity through improving the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and their stories, raising awareness of, and educating people about, relevant issues, and making institutions safe spaces for all LGBTQI+ people. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the very first Pride March in the UK in 1972. For 2022, the theme is Politics in Art: 'The Arc is Long'. Our month-long programme of events to celebrate LGBT+ history begins next week

Group of five young creative multiethnic students working together in modern office with male colleague in a wheelchair
02 Feb  | Call to Action

Have your say: UKRI’s new EDI strategy

UKRI has set out its ambition for an inclusive research and innovation system in a new EDI strategy, detailing the organisation’s long-term commitment to EDI. There is a window of opportunity for us to contribute to the draft strategy and inform the development of UKRI’s future action plans and measures. To take this opportunity, the EGC is inviting colleagues from across the institution to review the strategy and contribute to our collective response. Thoughts, comments and opinions need to be with us by 14 March 2022

Writing implements on a desk
20 Dec  | Diversity & Inclusion | Lincoln News

New on-line writing retreat for women at Lincoln to start in 2022

The gendered nature of caregiving means that women have borne the brunt of childcare and home-schooling during the pandemic, following the closure of schools and nurseries. This has had a measurable and significant impact on their research productivity. A disproportionate drop in women’s authorship of papers and initiation of projects was noticed rapidly in lockdown, and more recent studies, taking account of the lead time for research publication, have shown that this trend is sustained

Rainbow painted face
16 Dec  | Diversity & Inclusion | Lincoln News

New LGBTQ+ online inclusivity toolkit

According to leading charity Stonewall, 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ individuals have been the victim of hate crime. Online social networking sites generate further opportunities for abuse. They are particularly harmful in the current context of widespread physical distancing and greater reliance on the Internet for work and life. Dr Rachela Colosi and Dr Nick Cowen from the School of Social and Political Sciences at UoL and Dr Megan Todd from UCLan have developed a toolkit for internet users to identify, challenge and prevent online abuse

White ribbon depicting the end of violence against women
27 Nov  | Guest Blog | Gender Equality

On the 3rd day of Activism, my true love gave to me: a march for women’s equality

There is an alleyway in Leeds where I live, that I now know in my head as ‘the r*pe alley’. It didn’t used to be this way – well it did, but I just didn’t know it yet. It was just the alleyway I used to get home, used to go to school or work. It was convenient, decorated in spray paint tags and color bursts and tree covered. I walked this alley so many times in the dark, alone after having just parted ways with friends, and at those times, I didn’t feel frightened