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Latest10 Nov | Guest Blog | Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating Diwali - The Festival of Lights 2020

Diwali is also known as Deepavali, Dipavali, Dewali, Deepawali or the Festival of lights. The five-day Festival of Lights (12-16 November 2020) celebrates a number of themes, including joy, forgiveness, knowledge, the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and the legend of Rama and Sita. Diwali is the most auspicious Festival celebrated by Hindus around the world. It is also celebrated by Buddhists, Jaines and Sikhs. Like most Hindu celebrations, the whole community can join in

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26 Jun  | Diversity & Inclusion | Race equality

Confronting Racism in Chemistry Journals

"Publications and citations are academic currency. and while we like to think publishing a manuscript is 'just about the science', we know that this is not true for everyone". The world's leading society publishers, American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications, announces its plans to aggressively combat bias in all aspects of the publishing process, including systemic under-representation of Blacks in this endeavor (no ACS journal is currently led by a Black Editor-in-Chief)

two students walking
16 Jun  | Diversity & Inclusion | Lincoln News

New research degrees in equality, diversity and inclusion

Understanding the attitudes and behaviours that underpin our culture and define the environments within which we live and work, can help us reduce the inequalities that are so prevalent in societies and communities across the world. The Eleanor Glanville Centre announces two new research degree programmes in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Udeni Salmon speaking at a conference
16 Jun  | Diversity & Inclusion | Race equality | Gender Equality

Transforming the Ivory Tower: models for gender equality and social justice

This timely exposé of racial inequality in academia highlights Black and Brown women’s resistance to White privilege. Edited by Dr Deborah Gabriel, Founder and Director of Black British Academics, this book is a timely example of the change that has been ocurring, under the radar, in higher education - across teaching, research, professional and community practice

Black box
04 Jun  | Diversity & Inclusion | Race equality

Kneeling for the black lives matter movement

All of us have been profoundly shocked by the events in Minnesota and the wider United States. We know that, as a community, we want to stand together with the black community against the injustices that they continue to face every day. All of us, staff and students alike, need to stand firm against racism and intolerance. Universities need to be beacons for the community, representing all that is best in humanity and standing against its vulgarities

26 Feb  | Lincoln News

A new policy on gender-based violence

Since the first research on the prevalence of domestic and sexual violence across UK universities by the National Union of Students (2010), there has been an increasing focus on these issues within university communities. The University of Lincoln has recently launched a new policy on gender-based violence for both staff and students.

a cartoon-type image depicting a women saying
22 Jan  | Guest Blog | Gender Equality

Sexual harassment in the scientific research environment

Sexual harassment has been deemed a chronic workplace stressor and a public health crisis. With narrative around workplace harassment slowly changing, the support given in response to experiences of harassment can be crucial to our resilience and recovery.

06 Jan  | Diversity & Inclusion | Lincoln News

New programme to build EDI research at Lincoln

The EGC is the University of Lincoln’s interdisciplinary centre for equality, diversity and inclusion, that merges equality mandates and innovation with research that explores issues of, and connections between, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, class and disability, with a core commitment to facilitate and develop research that focuses on the fundamental issues facing society today.

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