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Latest14 Jun | Guest Blog | Diversity & Inclusion

Towards a Care-Inclusive University

As we celebrate International Day of Families we can also celebrate the greater visibility of families within higher education environments. As I walk around Brayford Campus it’s wonderful to see students and staff bringing family members to enjoy our green spaces, cafés and eateries. Research shows, however, that there is a long way to go before education institutions become fully inclusive to families, carers and parents.

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Muslim woman wearing a red hijab
15 Mar  | Guest Blog | Diversity & Inclusion

Islamophobia: how to address and tackle cultural racism

This blog post draws our attention to Islamophobia, how we define it through conceptual approaches. It sheds a light to the meanings and constructions of anti-Muslim prejudice, which leads to discrimination of a minorities in various settings. It emphasises on the ways to combat Islamophobia through a construction of an inclusive behaviour at individual and collective levels.

woman looking down microscope
30 Jan  | Cultural Calendar  | Guest Blog | Gender Equality | Women in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

As we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science this February, I am struck by some of the gender equality problems women still face in STEM. The United Nations, who promote the event, say that even in 2023 women are still under-represented in fields such as engineering and computer science. And those female scientists who do persist, tend to have shorter, less well-paid careers and are often passed over for promotion

single candle
25 Jan  | Cultural Calendar  | Guest Blog

Holocaust Memorial Day

The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day this year is 'Ordinary People' in the Holocaust. I write this through the lens of my Father’s experience as one of those rescued in the Kindertransport operation set up to rescue children from Nazi occupied Europe when brutal realities about what was happening to the Jews and other groups could no longer be ignored

scrabble tiles spelling cervical cancer
17 Jan  | Cultural Calendar  | Guest Blog

Cervical Cancer Awareness

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women globally, with an estimated 604,000 new cases and 342,000 deaths worldwide in 2020. In the Summer of 2020, Abigail Gilbert's life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Read Abigail's account of how she discovered she had cancer, what the signs were and her advice on getting checked and taking measures to prevent cervical cancer

hands in prayer in front of lit candles
03 Jan  | Cultural Calendar  | Guest Blog

World Religion Day

January 15th is World Religion Day. It began in 1950 and was initiated by Baha’is. It is now celebrated on the third Sunday of January each year. The origins of this day lie in the Baha’i principle of oneness of religion and of progressive revolution. The purpose of this day is to highlight the ideas that the spiritual principles underlying world’s religions are harmonious and each religion plays a significant role in unifying humanity. ‘See the truth in all religions, for truth is in all and truth is one’ - Baha'i Holy Writings.

Rainbow flag
10 Jun  | Guest Blog | Diversity & Inclusion

what does Pride – and the rainbow – really mean?

June is Pride Month. But what does Pride – and the rainbow – really mean? At its heart, Pride Month is a chance for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex and asexual people to be who they are, and it demonstrates that they are very much part of the wider community

Man holding the hand of a blind woman
09 Jun  | Guest Blog | Diversity & Inclusion

It’s all about juggling!

As we mark Carers' Week 2022, Rose Salmon, one of our super Library Assistants here at the University, shares her experiences of juggling life, job and caring responsibilities. "I am in the slightly unusual situation that I care for my partner as well as my octogenarian mother. And not only do they have opposing care needs, they also have opposing personalities!...

women's faces from multi ethnicities in a row
05 Apr  | Guest Blog | Lincoln News | Women in Leadership

Pioneer Role Models and Influential International Women in STEM

Dr Amira Elnokaly, from the Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment, reflects on her career journey and the challenges she has faced as a woman in STEM. Interviewed for International Women's Day as a Pioneer Role Model and an Influential Woman in Science, Amira shares her thoughts and hopes for a future that is more inclusive, safe and sustainable