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08 Mar | Gender Equality | Lincoln News | Women in Leadership

Celebrating three new female Profs

The Inaugural Lecture is a significant occasion for academics celebrating their promotion to Professor. It provides an opportunity to showcase their research with our One Community, including members of the public, family, friends and colleagues. Over the past year, the University of Lincoln has welcomed three new female Profs, who have given their Inaugural Lecturers during the pandemic

Prof Abigail Powell: The Tenacity of Social Inequalities – what is the solution?

Prof Abigail Powell is Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Lincoln (UK), where she holds the positions of Director of Research in the Eleanor Glanville Centre, and as Consultancy Lead in the College of Social Science. Abigail’s research is underpinned by her passion for social justice and equality. She is an expert in the gender division of labour (in the home and workplace), with a particular focus on gender in male-dominated occupations; youth studies; financial wellbeing and complex evaluation and impact measurement.

Abigail has published widely in sociology, social policy, management and industrial relations journals, as well as translating research findings for a range of audiences, including academics, policy-makers and the public. She has attracted research income of over AUD$5million working with, and delivering research for government, not-for-profits and industry, including for example National Australia Bank (NAB), Macquarie Group Foundation, Homelessness NSW, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission, Good Shepherd Microfinance, the Paul Ramsay Foundation and yourtown. Abigail has strong leadership and relationship management skills and is an experienced project manager and mentor. Abigail is a mixed method researcher with expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods and analysis. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) UNSW Sydney and has previously held positions at UNSW Sydney and Loughborough University.

You can watch Prof Abigail Powell's Lecture here

Prof Mini Saaj: A Dream Career in Space Engineering

Prof Mini C. Saaj is the Global Chair in Robotic Engineering, and heads the Industrial Digitalisation and System Intelligence research group in the School of Engineering. Mini joined the University of Lincoln in late 2019, and previously, was the Head of Robotics and Control research group at the Surrey Space Centre. Mini did her PhD in Control Systems at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. She specialises in guidance, navigation and control of spacecraft, mechatronics, robotic manipulators, design and locomotion of planetary rovers and bio-robotics. Being an internationally leading female Space Engineer and a Roboticist, Mini actively promotes Engineering education and Space Engineering careers.

You can watch Prof Mini Saaj's Lecture here

Prof Abigail Woods: Plagues, Pathogens and Policies – A personal journey through the history of animal health

Prof Abigail Woods joined the University of Lincoln in May 2020 as PVC / Head of College of Arts. Previously, she worked at King's College London, where she was Head of the Department of History, Imperial College London and the University of Manchester, where she completed her PhD in Medical History. She trained originally as a veterinary surgeon, qualifying from Cambridge in 1996.

You can watch Prof Abigail Woods' Lecture here