Educational technologies for autism

Technological-based strategies show promise for mediating learning in people with autism and/or special educational needs (SEN). This project is founded on a vision to transform learning and community spaces into interactive multi-sensory environments for learners aged 5 to 16 years with autism

The ImmersionBox

Seeper Ltd has developed the ImmersionBox  (above), which is a powerful portable device that transforms any room into an interactive, immersive space full of sensory wonder. The aim of this project is to develop interactive play activities for supporting educators and therapists working with children with autism and/or SEN. The proposed play activities will enable learners to personalise their experience (audio and visual stimulation) so as to enhance learning outcomes by improving skills in executive functioning, motor coordination, social engagement, collaboration and communication.

Project lead

Dr Niko Kargas, School of Psychology


This is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded collaborative project between the University of Lincoln and Seeper Ltd

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