Women in sculpture

This research is aiming to find a more considered language through which to articulate and map the rich and diverse practice of women working in sculpture or with sculpturally-informed strategies, in Britain from the 1960s onwards

Women in Sculpture 1960 to the present: towards a new lexicon

With funding from the Henry Moore Foundation, initial research and scoping is about to begin, in which we will undertake up to 30 interviews with a cross-generational selection of British women sculptors. These interviews will investigate the artistic languages and content, exhibition histories and the broader socio-economic and cultural context of women sculptors’ practice and careers over the past six decades.  We hope this will lead to a larger research bid shortly.

Project Lead

Dr Catherine George, School of Fine & Performing Arts

In collaboration with: Dr Joy Sleeman, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL and Hilary Gresty, an independent researcher and curator.

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