Cultural Calendar 2024

  • Nigerian cultural troupe dancing in traditional dress

As part of our commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, the University's Cultural Calendar raises awareness of the diversity of our staff and student communities, and recognises and celebrates a diverse range of religious & cultural festivals, EDI awareness days and holidays. We encourage our Schools and Departments to use this calendar as an inclusion resource when planning the academic year

Cultural Calendar 2024





The cultural calendar as an inclusion resource

University Schools and Departments are encouraged to use this calendar as a resource when planning the academic year, including events, and assignment submission and exam dates. This is to ensure that students and staff are not negatively impacted, and that religious festivals and celebrations are taken into consideration where possible. 

When planning events please consider:

  • Scheduling to avoid particular times / days that disadvantage some groups
  • Representing a diverse range of backgrounds and identities
  • Accessibility of material, location and making resources available online
  • Inclusive catering, including fasting, dietary restrictions and alcohol alternatives
  • Location of Quiet Spaces for prayer and reflection

One Community

The Cultural Calendar is designed to celebrate the diversity and inclusion of students and staff across the University and the wider community of Lincoln, in line with the University’s One Community Values:

  • Equality
  • Understanding
  • Listening
  • Kindness
  • Acceptance

Linking to event information

These buttons are used throughout the calendar to link to activities across the University:

University-wide programme of events
Be Inspired! Lecture Programme
Race Matters Lecture Programme
A podcast or aural recording
A blog post or article

The UoL Cultural Calendar has been developed by the Joint Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Partnership.  JEDI brings together the Eleanor Glanville Centre, EDI experts in HR, the Organisational Development team, the Students' Union, Student Services, the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy and the Communications, Development & Marketing team. Its role is to rethink EDI at Lincoln – to work together…differently – building, driving and implementing the University's EDI agenda.

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