March 2024

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Women’s History Month 

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

►Ramadan | Islam - 10 March - 8 April 

St David's Day | Gŵyl Dewi Sant | Wales

St David is the Patron Saint of Wales. On this day, Welsh people around the world wear one or both of Wales' national emblems - a daffodil and a leek





United Nations Zero Discrimination Day


Independence Day of Ghana

Ghana's National Day commemorating independence from British colonial rule in 1957




Maha Shivratri 


International Women’s Day   

International Women's Day 2024 campaign theme: #InspireInclusion




Mothering Sunday



Ramadan | Islam

10 March - 8 April  -  The ninth month in the Islamic calendar. 30 days of strict fasting from sunrise to sundown in honour of the first revelations to the Prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon Him)






 University Mental Health Day

University Mental Health Day brings together the student community each year in an effort to make mental health a university-wide priority across the country, and to create continued change to the future of student mental health




 Patrick’s Day | Christian | Ireland

St Patrick's Day, or the Feast of St.Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration. It recognise the death of St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint who brought Christianity to the country






Spring Equinox | Pagan

Celebration of a renewal of life in spring





Naw-Rúz | Baháʼí

The first day of the Baháʼí calendar year and one of nine holy days for adherents of the Baháʼí Faith. It occurs on the vernal equinox, on or near March 21, which is the traditional Iranian New Year






International Day of Happiness



International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination | End Racism Day 




World Down Syndrome Day



Purim | Judaism

23 - 24 March 




Pakistan Day | Pakistan Resolution Day | Republic Day

Commemorates the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan in 1956 making Pakistan the world's first Islamic republic




Hola Mohalla | Sikh 

25 - 27 March



The Annunciation of the Mother of God | Orthodox



International Transgender Day of Visibility

International Transgender Day of Visibility is honoured every year on 31 March and is a time to celebrate transgender people around the world and the courage it takes to live openly and authentically. It raises awareness of the discrimination trans people still face

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