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The University recognises the need to offer support to scientists returning to academia following extended career breaks, and is committed to providing opportunities to get back into research. The Back2Science programme, launched in September 2014, provides a two-year opportunity for both women and men in STEMM subject areas to join an established research group, build confidence and gain contemporary research experience

about the programme

The Back2Science research programme aims to provide a sound platform for Fellows to kick-start their careers after an extended career break (of more than 5 years), and to provide opportunities for researchers to develop independent research projects, funding applications and research publications, or undertake further study

Our Fellows

Dr Katy Hewis, School of Chemistry

Dr Katy Hewis

School of Chemistry

2015 fellow

“The Back2Science Fellowship has been invaluable in enabling me to return to a research career in chemistry after an extended career break. My research in the field of crystallisation in porous media is new to me and has provided a rich environment for study and for cross-collaboration with other departments and organisations. I have been able to access training and CPD opportunities which have boosted my confidence. Consequently I am able to maximise the impact of my fellowship and plan for continuation of the project”

dr Anika Tauchen, School of Life Sciences / School of Pharmacy

dr Anika Tauchen

School of Life Sciences / School of Pharmacy

2015 fellow

“As a molecular biologist with experience in medical-oriented research I was looking to continue my career after a break of five years when I came across the Back2Science fellowship offered by the University of Lincoln. Quickly, I found a research group in my field of interest within the School of Life Sciences that was willing to host my research project and encouraged me to proceed with my proposal for the application.

I received a Back2Science fellowship in November 2015 and I can’t think of a position that would fit my needs better at this point in my career. It gives me the opportunity to build on my previous academic experience and gain new confidence whilst fitting my family commitments perfectly as I am able to research part-time. After my first six month back in science I found myself in a very supportive environment and my confidence is growing that this fellowship will enable me to continue my career in research, even after an extended break. Especially, I am benefitting from working with experienced colleagues, and interacting with my fellow Back2Science researchers, with all their diverse backgrounds and wide range of experiences, is also very positive and encouraging”

Kerry Blagden, School of Chemistry

Kerry Blagden

School of Chemistry

2015 fellow

“I was absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to undertake a Masters by Research and am very grateful that the Back2Science Scheme has enabled me to do this. It is very exciting to join an established research group and gain contemporary research experience. I feel much more confident and am really enjoying widening my knowledge of lime mortars and the chemistry behind the processes. I find it stimulating being part of an academic community and hope to continue onto further study as my confidence continues to grow”

Fiona Bisset, School of Mathematics & Physics

Fiona Bisset

School of Mathematics & Physics

2014 fellow

“The Back2Science Fellowship is an amazing opportunity! This fellowship not only allows me to return to scientific research, but also provides me with training while I do it. The cherry on the cake is being able to work flexibly part-time so that my work and family life fit well together. I am really looking forward to the next couple of years and am thrilled to have been chosen” 

Fiona obtained her undergraduate degree in Computational Physics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 2001, and worked on a Computational Physics project with Dr Manuela Mura in Lincoln’s School of Mathematics and Physics. Her research focused on the computer modelling of carbon-based molecules on surfaces.

Dr Graziella Iossa, School  of Life Sciences

Dr Graziella Iossa

School of Life Sciences

2014 fellow

“The Back2Science Award has enabled me to return to research, supporting me with a training programme and allowing me to have a work-life balance by working part-time. It is a great opportunity and I am delighted to have secured one of the awards”.

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