Part 3: Participant Code of Conduct

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If you are running workshops, focus groups or discussions, it is helpful to provide a Code of Conduct to ensure all participants feel comfortable to be themselves and feel psychologically safe throughout the session. An example of a typical Code of Conduct is given below, and can be downloaded for use

Code of Conduct

Workshops and Discussions  

By participating in this activity, you agree to the following: 

  1. Be open-minded. Listen to and acknowledge all points of view. 
  2. Be respectful. The purpose of this session is to discuss, not debate or argue. Be respectful of differing opinions, perspectives, identities, and experiences.  
  3. Be accepting. Suspend judgment as best you can. 
  4. Be curious. Seek to understand rather than persuade. Look to question your own assumptions and uncover new insights. 
  5. Appreciate difference. Look for common ground and accept/appreciate that there will be times when there will be disagreements on some beliefs and opinions. 
  6. Be authentic. Speak from your personal experience and share what resonates and is important to you. Appreciate and welcome that others are doing the same. 
  7. Be brief. Be purposeful and brief when speaking. Be considerate to not dominate the conversation and allow all participants the chance to share. 
  8. Consider use of humour. Think twice before sharing a joke as to ensure that there is minimal to no chance that the joke could be misinterpreted, misunderstood, and possibly cause offense or discomfort among members of the group. 
  9. Avoid politics and other polarising topics. Please refrain from political banter and polarising comments (e.g. gender/sex) whenever possible as these sessions are open to all members of our community, and we would like to ensure all participants are comfortable and feel psychologically safe. 

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