Disabilities Champion

  • Badges of many colours with various statements about disability

Professor Liz Mossop

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Development & Engagement)

"I am a vet by background and this is where my strong interest in mental health has come from. Sadly we are a profession with very high rates of depression and anxiety, and suicide has directly impacted me and many of my colleagues.

I also have a strong personal connection to physical disability as this is something that has impacted on me and my family"

"I am passionate about all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion but I have a particular interest in how we support staff and students with disabilities. I feel very strongly that everyone with potential should be able to succeed in their work or studies and I hope that by becoming the disability champion I can ensure relevant issues are raised (loudly!) and properly considered by the university. In many cases with disability challenges we have to think about equity rather than equality of opportunity – and I am keen to help colleagues understand this better.

During the pandemic the impact of isolation on our mental health was brought starkly into focus and many of us (myself included) struggled to balance increasing personal stress with the huge pressures work brought at that time. Whilst things are certainly improving, I am always keen to understand my own mental and physical health better and of course that of our students and colleagues. I hope that by becoming the disability champion I will be able to learn more about different experiences of life and work at our university.

As we emerge from the pandemic there is a huge amount of uncertainty for all of us. I can’t help feeling this must be amplified for those colleagues and students coping with both physical and mental health issues, and as an institution we need to listen and work with you to ensure you are able to succeed and have the support you need".