Inclusive Education Resource Hub

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The Inclusive Education Resource Hub was developed as part of the Institution's Inclusive Education Project to assist, enable and empower colleagues from across the Colleges, Schools, Departments, Centres and spaces to develop inclusive and transformative practices within their commitment to teaching and learning excellence. The Hub provides access, support and resources to start and/or further their engagement with inclusive education


"My role as Director of Student Inclusion for the Eleanor Glanville Institute (EGI) is to ensure we have the mentality and means to provide all students with the opportunity to develop, learn, excel and achieve during their time at university.

We want to celebrate and empower students to share their identities, backgrounds, experiences and values during their time with us, and ultimately to enjoy their whole selves within the teaching and learning environment. You don’t have to ‘scroll down’ far, update, refresh or search very hard to find stories of in/exclusion, in/equality and in/justice within our global society. The Higher Education (HE) environment is no different. By way of example, the ‘top stories’ on The Times Higher Education (THE) website currently cover gender inequality, post-pandemic equity challenges, funding cuts, strikes and an aging workforce (THE, 2021). The EGI seeks to tackle these inequalities and catalyse transformational culture change through evidence and action".

Dr Hanya Pielichaty

Inclusive Education Resource Hub

This is a multi-disciplinary collaborative venture bringing together a number of academic and support teams from across the institution:



Dr Hanya Pielichaty (EGI), Dr Kate Strudwick / Dave Prichard (LALT)


Oonagh Monaghan (Library), Dr Michael Shaw / Daniel Wakefield (DigEd)


David Rugara / Dr Ian Pownall (LIBS) and Dr Xiaotong Zhu (EGI)


Dr Carol Callinan / Dr Elizabeth Bailey (SoE) and Hannah Wroe (LSoD)


"We wanted to create a valuable resource for colleagues across the institution. The Hub will provide colleagues with clear and accessible information covering a range of topics in the context of EDI, such as: curriculum design, course materials and content, teaching and assessment, learning environments, language, transformative practices and the student voice. Students will be involved in the creation of content and resources for the hub and will be instrumental in its development".


                             Access the Hub here






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