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Our interdisciplinary research challenges social exclusion and inequality in contemporary society, and builds an evidence base for transformative change
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An evidence-based approach to transformational change – enabling inclusive cultures and environments and establishing an inclusive university 
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Transgender people. Support transgender community.  Human rights. transgender person.
12 Nov  | LGBT+ Equality | Diversity & Inclusion | Gender Equality

Trans Awareness Week 2023

Each year between November 13–19, we participate in Transgender Awareness Week. This is a week when transgender people and their allies take action to bring attention to the trans community by educating the public about who transgender people are, sharing stories and experiences, and advancing advocacy around issues of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that affect the transgender community

Two Black women sat together smiling
10 Nov  | News | Diversity & Inclusion | Race equality

The Black Leadership Empowerment Programme (BLEP)

Here's a new course recently launched by the Open University. The Black Leadership Empowerment Programme (BLEP) is a digitally badged, OpenLearn course, that is free to attend, and aimed at developing skills to empower yourself as a leader. Guided by the 'Five Ps' model of leadership (Person, Process, Position, Product and Purpose), the course explores the challenges and possibilities of Black leadership

multicoloured test tubes
26 Oct  | Diversity & Inclusion | Lincoln News

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in STEM

The Eleanor Glanville Institute and the California Academy of Sciences have received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the UK Science and Innovation Network in the USA to carry out research into LGBTQ+ inclusion in STEM. The project will launch its international Climate Survey on 9 November 2023 at the 13th Annual oSTEM conference in Anaheim, CA, USA. The UK launch will take place at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London on 20 November 2023

Three young women from ethnic minorities walking together in the sunshine. Trees, leafy green.
01 Oct  | Cultural Calendar  | Diversity & Inclusion

Lincoln Black History Trail

Follow Lincoln's Black History Trail and discover our multicultural history. Lincoln’s Black History Trail is a reminder that this city has always been diverse and multicultural. There are eight stops on the trail - numbered in sequence but the stops can be visited in any order. The trail will take under an hour. We hope you enjoy it and share your experiences on social media

Study with us

Study with us

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Understanding the attitudes and behaviours that underpin our culture and define the environments within which we live and work, can help us reduce the inequalities that are so prevalent in societies and communities across the world.

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helping you to make a difference

helping you to make a difference

Our Consultancy: LEIA

The Lincoln Equality & Inclusion Advisory will work with you to develop bespoke strategies that address your diversity and inclusion challenges, and build sustainable inclusive environments

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