Lincoln Education Toolkit for Student Success

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The Lincoln Education Toolkit for Student Success (LETSS) is a dynamic and evolving toolkit that aims to provide resources and activities for staff in order to facilitate the application and promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in their teaching and assessment and other professional activities. This extends to raising staff-awareness of issues for ethnic minorities and other under-represented groups at a local level and providing bespoke support to streamlining pedagogical practices in order to help address differential outcomes by ethnicity, and other characteristics, and improve our under-represented students’ academic experience

The LETSS Toolkit is sub-divided into three main sections:

  • LETSS engage
  • LETSS reflect
  • LETSS act

The Toolkit, as it evolves, will remain under continuous development with contributions from staff across the institution who share best practice. The development of the toolkit will also be aided with student input from the Race Equality Student Advisory (RESA) Group, the Student Success Champions network, and the LEAP Group.

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