18 Apr

Trans Awareness in Higher Education sessions with Dr Kit Heyam

Dr Joshua Heyes, School of Education on behalf of the EDI CoASSH Committee, in collaboration and funded the Eleanor Glanville Institute, recently hosted two Trans Awareness in Higher Education sessions presented by Dr Kit Hey.

Kit  provided a conversational, non-judgmental space to increase confidence and familiarity around trans identities and rights and to learn how to create a positive experience for trans students and staff in higher education.  

At the sessions Kit covered the basics of trans identities and related terminology alongside practical aspects of trans inclusivity, including social interactions, personal details, safeguarding confidentiality, key issues trans staff and students might face, and signalling that your university is a trans-friendly institution. Attendees were given the opportunity  to ask questions and discuss problems specific to their area of work. There was also an opportunity for attendees to ask anonymous questions.

Dr Kit Heyam is an experienced freelance trans awareness trainer and heritage practitioner, a writer and an academic. Kit's pronouns are they/them or he/him. You can find more about Kit here.

The sessions were free to attend and the event was fully booked within days of being announcement. The reception to the sessions has been very positive.