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09 Jan | Lincoln News

Launching the disability-inclusion institutional framework (diif)

Disability inclusion is a key priority for higher education, but it is too often seen as the poor relation in the inclusion agenda. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Disability-Inclusion Institutional Framework (DIIF) developed by Professor Carol Evans (University of Southampton) and Dr Xiaotong Zhu (EGI) following extensive research into key issues impacting disabled student and staff access and equal opportunities to do well within the higher education context

Supporting disability inclusion in higher education: an institutional approach

The launch event will take place at the University of Lincoln


A key aim of the day is to explore the ‘big ticket’ items that can best support enhancements in disability inclusion and from different stakeholder perspectives, and the identified core themes. In the first session of the day Professor Carol Evans and Dr Xiaotong Zhu will outline the key elements of the DIIF and provide an overview of tools that can support its use in practice drawing on extensive international research in disability inclusion. This focused event provides a valuable opportunity for colleagues to come together to discuss key priorities and areas of promise in disability inclusion and the value of a collaborative approach across institutions to enhance inclusion at the institutional level.

This launch event is supported and hosted by the Eleanor Glanville Institute at the University of Lincoln. It is relevant to all those involved in leading disability inclusion within higher education.