• Three young women from ethnic minorities walking together in the sunshine. Trees, leafy green.
01 Oct | Cultural Calendar | Diversity & Inclusion

Lincoln Black History Trail

Follow Lincoln's Black History Trail and discover our multicultural history. Lincoln’s Black History Trail is a reminder that this city has always been diverse and multicultural. There are eight stops on the trail - numbered in sequence but the stops can be visited in any order. The trail will take under an hour. We hope you enjoy it and share your experiences on social media

  1. St. Mary le Wigford
  2. Cornhill
  3. Waterside
  4. Stonebow
  5. Clasketgate
  6. Steep Hill
  7. Castle Hill
  8. Lincoln Cathedral

Copies of the trail are available across campus or from the Eleanor Glanville Institute, which is located in the Think Tank.

You can also download a web version of the trail by clicking the download link on the right of this page.