06 Jan | Diversity & Inclusion | Lincoln News

New programme to build EDI research at Lincoln

The EGC is the University of Lincoln’s interdisciplinary centre for equality, diversity and inclusion, that merges equality mandates and innovation with research that explores issues of, and connections between, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, class and disability, with a core commitment to facilitate and develop research that focuses on the fundamental issues facing society today.

The EGC Research Roundtable Programme (RRP) aims to aims to fulfil the Centre’s key objective to build critical mass for Centre-related EDI research, by bringing together expertise from across the University to create a dynamic EDI-focused research community. The programme will provide academics with a common interest in EDI the opportunity to network, learn what each other is working on, and forge new collaborative links; driving forward new inter/transdisciplinary research projects and funding bids, creating strong partnerships between researchers, policy makers and societal interest groups, and facilitating an evidence-based approach to policy, practice and societal need in order to create long-term solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing us today. Follow-up sessions, including writing retreats, will drive these new co-conduct research studies forwards and offer expert support in the planning, preparation and writing of funding bids; assisting in the timely preparation of the documentation required to author an application and maximise the chances of grant success.

The programme launched June 2019 with a successful roundtable on Issues of Gender. Organised by Dr Elisa Rubegni (School of Computer Science) and Dr Nik Dickerson (School of Sport and Exercise Science), and hosted by the Eleanor Glanville Centre, in which 25 researchers from across the University, from a range of disciplines, came together to explore the questions and challenges facing society today regarding gender, and to brainstorm potential new collaborative research projects. In December, a Roundtable on Issues of Race and Ethnicity brought together academics to develop new research themes that focus on the ways that social, political, and economic relations interact with race and ethnicity.

2020 will see two more roundtable sessions (and subsequent follow-up funding and bid-writing workshops) take place:

Issues of Child-Friendly Research (March 2020)

Interdisciplinary research around children, young people, and families more-broadly; as well as research into ‘child friendly’ approaches to working within academia, with consideration to care, relationships and work-life balance (as part of the launch of the Child Friendly Research Network);

Issues of Migration (April 2020)

Collaborations between researchers which focus on issues of integration and diversity, trans-nationalism, temporary/circular migration, migration and development, and migration flows

If you are interested in taking part in any of the above sessions, please contact Dr Nicole Fielding at EGCresearch@lincoln.ac.uk