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10 Nov | News | Diversity & Inclusion | Race equality

The Black Leadership Empowerment Programme (BLEP)

Here's a new course recently launched by the Open University. The Black Leadership Empowerment Programme (BLEP) is a digitally badged, OpenLearn course, that is free to attend, and aimed at developing skills to empower yourself as a leader. Guided by the 'Five Ps' model of leadership (Person, Process, Position, Product and Purpose), the course explores the challenges and possibilities of Black leadership

This course is designed to develop skills in communication, critical analysis and teamwork and will promote competence in a wide variety of contexts – from formal organisations to voluntary groups and social movements. Learning is informed by cutting-edge theory in materials developed by experts in leadership, and will incorporate a mix of contemporary and historical multimedia case studies.

Dr Fidèle Mutwarasibo 

Director, Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, The OU Business School