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01 Oct | Race equality | Lincoln News

University of Lincoln celebrates black history month

Lincoln welcomes you to the beginning of Black History Month, a month of events and activities coordinated jointly by the University and Students' Union. "This month will be a springboard for further work and further reflection throughout the year, so that we can move to become a truly anti-racist community", Vice-Chancellor Professor Mary Stuart

Vice-Chancellor Prof Mary Stuart

We take this opportunity to celebrate and highlight Black History Month 2020. As a university, we have planned thought-provoking events and activities to raise awareness and educate. The events and activities are coordinated through the Joint Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Partnership, which brings together Human Resources, the Eleanor Glanville Centre, Communications, Development & Marketing, and the Student Union. The programme of events has been developed with contributions from Academics across the university and The People of Colour Group.

We are incredibly excited to celebrate BHM as it provides the opportunity for all within our community to learn about a past, various cultures and people of which they may have little awareness. BHM also provides an opportunity to build on our One Community values to develop a diverse and inclusive community within the university and the wider community.

This year’s celebrations are not about one month, but about launching an awareness that will run throughout the year.