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Trans Awareness in Higher Education sessions with Dr Kit Heyam

The EDI CoASSH Committee, in collaboration and funded by the Eleanor Glanville Institute, recently hosted two Trans Awareness in Higher Education sessions presented by Dr Kit Heyam.

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Banner for Carers' Week 2021
09 Jun  | Guest Blog

Balancing Caring and Career: a personal account

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. It also helps people who don't think of themselves as having caring responsibilities to identify as carers and access much-needed support. Carers Week 2021 (7-13 June) we came together to Make Caring Visible and Valued. To mark the week, Prof Mo Ray shares her own personal experiences

Portrait of an elderly woman, smiling
25 Mar  | Diversity & Inclusion

COVID’s lost generation

People over 50 who lose their jobs are more likely to suffer long-term joblessness than any other age group, according to a new report published by the Department of Work and Pensions that seeks to understand trends in the economic labour market status of individuals approaching State Pension age. The statistics reveal the full adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on older individuals in the labour market and serves to underline the differential consequences of the ongoing economic turmoil

White father teaching his small daughter how to write. Outside, sunshine, happy
22 Mar  | Guest Blog | Gender Equality

Role reversal - How do couples make the decision?

Families and households have changed massively over the past decades. Alongside these changes, some couples are arranging work and family roles non-normatively, with the father assuming primary responsibility for childcare and the mother bearing primary responsibility for breadwinning. Because these family arrangements are so recent and rare, little is known about the circumstances and considerations that lead to the allocation of family roles

Black father with baby, reading book, happy, smiling
21 Mar  | Guest Blog | Gender Equality

Who does what when couples swap roles?

A growing body of research has attempted to understand the gender gap in the allocation of family and work roles. Research points to couples who arrange work and family roles non-normatively as drivers of change in gender division of labour. Because those family arrangements are so recent and rare, little is known about the daily routines of those couples

Indian mother and baby in arms. Happy, maternal love
16 Mar  | Diversity & Inclusion | Gender Equality

The Maternal Pandemic

A report published this week outlines the findings of a rapid impact review of COVID-19’s impact on maternal mental health and services by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and Centre for Maternal Health. A combination of lockdown, economic uncertainty, job insecurity, and the impact of the virus itself, coupled with the reduced access to vital perinatal and mental health services, is likely to have long-term consequences for women and their families, as well as for health services and provisions

Four women standing shoulder to shoulder. Not smiling, looking stern
16 Mar  | Gender Equality | Lincoln News

Uniting in support of women’s right to feel safe

Following the dreadful murder of Sarah Everard earlier this month, many women everywhere are sharing their experiences of violence, inappropriate behaviour, physical, verbal and sexual abuse, expressing how unsafe they feel, and highlighting that for many they feel this on a regular basis

Portraits of multiracial women, smiling
08 Mar  | Gender Equality | Lincoln News | Women in Leadership

Celebrating three new female Profs

The Inaugural Lecture is a significant occasion for academics celebrating their promotion to Professor. It provides an opportunity to showcase their research with our One Community, including members of the public, family, friends and colleagues. Over the past year, the University of Lincoln has welcomed three new female Profs, who have given their Inaugural Lecturers during the pandemic

Portraits of multiracial women, smiling
08 Mar  | Gender Equality | Women in Leadership

Celebrating: Jade Willett, Assistant Catering Manager

Jade was shortlisted for the TUCO Outstanding Achievement Award for the University of Lincoln's catering department, FoodLinc. Throughout the Pandemic Jade has continued to redefine catering at the University of Lincoln with essential initiatives supporting staff and students