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19 Jan

to 26 Jan

Join the University of Lincoln as we commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, with a film screening of Heritage: Civilization and the Jews (Part 8) - Out of the Ashes, written by Professor Brian Winston. The film formed part of a nine hour American television series on the history of the Jewish people from ancient times to the present. It was produced in 1984 by WNET, the public service station in New York.The screening will be followed by a panel discussion on 26 January 2021

Watch the film!

Date: Available from 19–26 January 2021

On-line screening: Click to watch the video below (Note: this takes you to an external website).

Warning: Some viewers may find the content and images in this film distressing.

"I was asked to write this 8th episode which dealt the period of the Holocaust – the destruction of European Jewry between 1933 and 1945, a story all too familiar but we felt it could be told again --- not to show horrific images but to explain the how and try to understand the why. Hatred, prejudice and bigotry is a curse which can strike against any and every human being because at too many time in too many places, people define themselves not by who they are not but by who they are not. It is easy to persecute any within reach who are in anyway different. Of course, we remember the millions murdered during this one persecution, but we also remember what began as a war against the Jews ended by being a war against humanity as a whole…. It is a model for persecutions anywhere, at any time. 

"So it is about a war which is with us yet…. We remember how it happened so we can see in today’s discriminations the warning signs of what could well be to come…. I wrote this script decades ago but I fear my reasons then are still as pressing. The lessons then are, I fear, still needing attention now."  Brian Winston, January 2021

Join in the Conversation!

Join panellists as they discuss Heritage: Civilization and the Jews  

  • Date: January 26th 2021
  • Time: 6pm
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Join the conversation here
  • Meeting ID: 898 4993 2099
  • Passcode: 640554

Film Credits

Arnold Labaton … Executive Producer
Marc Siegel … Executive Producer
Megan Callaway … Coordinating Producer
Alan Rosenthal … Producer, Director
Petra Lent … Associate Producer
John G. Fox … Series Producer
Brian Winston … Writer
John Duffy … Composer, Conductor
Abba Eban … Host

Lincoln Chair

Professor Brian Winston

Lincoln Chair

Dr Brian Winston is The Lincoln Professor. His primary areas of interest are freedom of speech, journalism history, media technology and documentary film, all of which he teaches. He is the founding chair of British Association of Film, Television and Media Studies and has been a governor of the BFI. Winston sits on the editorial board of British Journalism Review. He is a Guest Professor at the Digital Cultures Research Centre of the University of the West of England and at Chanchung Normal University. Prof Winston has been involved with media since he joined Granada UK’s World In Action in 1963.  He has written for magazines and newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic and his television work in documentary was awarded in 1985 with a US prime-time Emmy (for WNET, New York). In 2012, a feature-length documentary on Robert Flaherty – A Boatload of Wild Irishmen – which he wrote and co-produced won a Special Jury prize from the British University Council for Film and Video. Winston was the founding director of the Glasgow (University) Media Group whose pioneering studies of television news, Bad News (1976) and More Bad News ((1980), have been re-issued as a classic of media sociology. He has written 17 other books and contributed 48 articles to scholar journals and more than 50 chapter books across the entire field of media communications. With Media Technology and Society (1998) he established the concepts of ‘supervening social necessity’ and ‘suppression of radical potential’ as factors in technological change. His writing on the documentary includes editing Claiming the Real II (2008) The BFI Documentary Film Book (2013) and The Act of Documenting (with Gail Vanstine and Wang Chi) (2017). His latest books on free expression are A Right to Offend (2012) and The Rushdie Fatwa and after: A Lesson to the Circumspect (2014). Brian is currently the Jewish Faith Advisor at the University's Multi-faith Chaplaincy.

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