NISON/UCU End Violence Against Women conference

“Not until the half of our population represented by women and girls can live free from fear, violence, and everyday insecurity, can we truly say we live in a fair and equal world” – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Violence against Women and Girls is one of the most prevalent infringements of human rights in our world. As trade unions which advocate for fair and equal treatment of all people, we are promoting the UN’s End Violence Against Women day here on campus on the 25th of November to advocate for this prevalent issue. We hope that in bringing staff and students together to listen and share ideas around this topic, we can inspire future change makers and develop awareness of what our university can do to promote lasting change.

To keep this event as accessible as possible, it is completely free to attend with no sign up required. Staff and students of any subject/professional area are incredibly welcome and in fact required to represent the diversity of our university population!

  • Monday 25th November
  • 10:30-23pm
  • Dabid Chiddick Building, Harvard Lecture Theatre
  • Keynote: Professor Sundari Anitha

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