Russian invasion of Ukraine: Journalism, Trauma and Resilience

  • The Ukraine flag flying in an overcast sky

Location Think Tank, University of Lincoln Ruston Way Orange Room Lincoln LN6 7FL

The event brings together policymakers, journalists, editors and journalism educators to deliberate on the impacts of the war on survivors, Ukrainian diaspora and local and international journalists who have covered it. It aims to collate lessons for journalism educators in the UK and across the world in their efforts to embed trauma informed literacy in journalism curricula


Dr Ola Ogunyemi, University of Lincoln and Dr Lada Price, University of Sheffield.

  • Date: 24 February 2023
  • Time: 09.00–16.30 GMT
  • Venue: Orange Room, Think Tank, University of Lincoln

The event is free to colleagues so please register early to avoid disappointment

Workshop Programme

09.00–09.30  Tea/Coffee

09.30–10.00  Welcome

10.00–12.00  Session 1: Building connections and resilience in conflict situation among journalists, audiences, survivors, and Ukrainian diasporas 

  • Panel Chair: Lada Price & Natasha Hirst, NUJ
  • Practitioners’ experience: Olena Kuk; Myroslava Gongadze; Tomilenko Sergiy; Daniel Ionescu; Kateryna Malofieieva.
  • Scholarly engagement: Johanna Kotišová; Yuriy Zaliznyak; Dart Centre; JETREG.
  • Support organisations: Larisa (Wider Europe Region, British Council); Natasha Hirst, Eleanor Glanville Institution

12.00–13.00  Lunch

13.00–15.00  Session 2: Q&A & Public Engagement

Unpack the issues raised in the morning and allow questions from the audience. Possible Questions include What are the lessons for Journalism Educators? What measures are in place to manage trauma in the media industry? How can journalism educators complement these measures to prepare journalists to cover traumatising events?

  • Moderator: Lada Price and Johana Kotisova
  • Panel: Natasha Hirst; Olena Kuk; Myroslava Gongadze, Dariya Orlova; Sergiy, Tomilenko; Daniel Ionescu; Artem Khudenko; Johanna Kotišová; Yuriy Zaliznyak; Dart Centre, Europe; Barry Turner; Halilovic, Larisa (Wider Europe Region, British Council)  , Kateryna Malofieieva
  • Public1: Students; Lecturers; Ukrainian Scholars and Ukrainian residents in Lincoln.

15.00–15.30  Break

15.30–16.30  Masterclass: Reporting War and Conflict

Journalists’ physical and psychological safety with reference to Ukraine - Myroslava Gongadze

Please email Ola Ogunyemi if you have accessibility or specific dietary requirements

Thank you to our planning committees and partners:

  • Planning Committee: Ola Ogunyemi, Lada Price, Johana Kotišová, Jon Holmes and Barry Turner
  • Partners: Eleanor Glanville Institute; The British Council; Dart Centre, Europe; Journalism Education and Trauma Research Group (JETREG); National Union of Journalists (NUJ); Association for Journalism Education (AJE); Siren FM.
Associate Professor

Dr Olatunji Ogunyemi

Associate Professor

  01522 88 6362

Ola Ogunyemi is one of the world's leading experts on 'diaspora journalism' and journalism education and trauma'. His work inspired an international dialogue on ‘Media in the Diaspora’ by the Hollings Centre, USA, in 2022. He is the founder and principal editor of the journal of Global Diaspora and Media. Ogunyemi is the leading convener of Journalism Education and Trauma Research Group (JETREG) which has regional research hubs in seven regions of the world with over 250 academic and non-academic members. JETREG is working to embed trauma literacy in journalism curricula in order to equip journalism students with the skills to cope with the emotional and psychological effects of exposure to traumatising events during their careers. 

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Russian invasion of Ukraine: Journalism, Trauma and Resilience

Location Think Tank, University of Lincoln Ruston Way Orange Room Lincoln LN6 7FL

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