Prof Mini Saaj: A Dream Career in Space Engineering

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Isn’t it exciting to be a space engineer? Mini will be sharing her fascinating journey from being a student who loved mathematics, to becoming a professor specialising in space engineering.

In this inaugural lecture, Prof Mini Saaj will talk about her research in Space Robotics – in-space assembly of telescopes, servicing satellites, asteroid mining, and planetary surface exploration missions. Mini will talk about her vision on growing Space Engineering research at the University of Lincoln and discuss the challenges we need to address as a community. She will introduce a few national and international initiatives that she is part of, which has opened up exciting opportunities for researchers in Lincoln. Besides sharing her experience as a Space Roboticist, Mini will also cover her success stories in cross-sector research, spanning Medical Robotics, Agri-Robotics and Nuclear Robotics.

  • Date: Thursday 25th February 2021
  • Time: 6pm
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams
  • Register: here

Prof Mini C. Saaj is the Global Chair in Robotic Engineering, and heads the Industrial Digitalisation and System Intelligence research group in the School of Engineering. Mini joined the University of Lincoln in late 2019, and previously, was the Head of Robotics and Control research group at the Surrey Space Centre. Mini did her PhD in Control Systems at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. She specialises in guidance, navigation and control of spacecraft, mechatronics, robotic manipulators, design and locomotion of planetary rovers and bio-robotics. Being an internationally leading female Space Engineer and a Roboticist, Mini actively promotes Engineering education and Space Engineering careers.

Please note, as this lecture will take place online, joining instructions will be provided prior to the event taking place.

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